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Engineering services

Transferring engineering knowledge to our partners

Engineering support

SCT relies heavily on engineering and technology to ensure that tools are designed, manufactured, and optimized for their intended applications.

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Engineering Processes

Tool Design & Optimization:

Creating and refining carbide tool designs to meet specific application requirements and enhance performance.

Material Analysis:

Studying the properties and behavior of various tungsten carbide compositions and binders to determine the best blend for specific cutting conditions.

Wear Analysis:

Investigating tool wear patterns to improve tool longevity and predict maintenance cycles.

Simulation and Modeling:

Using computational tools to simulate cutting processes and predict tool behavior under various conditions.

Coating Development:

Engineering specialized coatings, like Titanium Nitride (TiN) or Titanium Carbonitride (TiCN), to improve tool life and performance.

Quality Control Engineering:

Developing and implementing rigorous testing and inspection procedures to ensure every tool meets or exceeds industry standards.

Custom Tool Solutions:

Collaborating with clients to engineer custom carbide tools tailored for unique machining challenges.

Thermal Analysis:

Studying the heat generation and dissipation during cutting processes to optimize tool design and coatings for temperature control.

Microstructure Analysis:

Using microscopy techniques to study carbide grain size, binder distribution, and other microstructural features to optimize toughness and hardness.

Vibration and Harmonics Analysis:

Investigating the dynamics of carbide tools in operation to minimize vibrations and improve cutting quality.

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